Upon meeting for the first time in 2014, these three musicians immediately decided to make music together. However it must be said that, being sisters, two of them (Marie- Theres Härtel and deeLinde) had met previous to that, and in fact co-founded and spearhead the internationally acclaimed group Netnakisum. Tamara entered the picture through their mutual friend, the renowned German jazz trumpet player Matthias Schriefl. Marie- Theres had a fascination for combining Tamara´s exceptional voice with the sister´s powerfully, eloquent string double act (viola and cello) and thus, Kusimanten was born. They successfully debuted later in 2014 at the "Wiener Konzerthaus", which they followed up with their first recording in early 2015. In the same year they were honoured to close the prestigious Jazzwerkstatt Bern  Festival in Bern, Switzerland, accompanied by legendary Swiss accordion player Hans Hassler.

deeLinde- Cello

Descendant of a renowed dynasty of folk musiscians from Styria (Austria).  Let it be alpine traditions, classical music, the rock, pop or the freestyle genre: the co- founder of the band Netnakisum is a mistress of groove on her cello. Projects, collaborations and recordings around the whole world with Theaters, Bands and great artists. At home in Styria, deeLinde has founded Citoller Echo, the CiTollArt Band, the Strafitelgrobm and the culture association CiTollArt with her husband and siblings.                                   

 photo by Julia Wesely


Tamara Lukasheva- Vocal

Tamara was born in Odessa. Since she was a child she was surrounded with the sounds of music and that was no surprise, because both of her parents are musicians, sincerely devoted to the music. From 2003- 2007 Tamara was studying at the Musical College of Odessa (jazz vocal and jazz piano class). In 2009 founding together with remarkable jazz pianist Rosanna Smirnova a Duo "Horizon". In a collaboration with a legendary jazz pianist U. Kuznetsov leads to mutual creative experiments, which are highly appreciated by the audience in Ukraine and Bulgaria. From 2010 Tamara lives in Germany and study in Cologne. One month after coming Tamara Lukasheva Quartet was founded. From 2012 till 2013 Tamara was taking part in German National Jazz Orchestra (Bujazzo). Collaborating with such outstanding jazz musicians as Matthias Schriefl (Duo Matria), Boden Janke (East Drive Trio), Paul Hubweber, Jens Düppe, Marc Brenken and others, Tamara already played in Central America, Russia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Italy and Germany itself.                photo by Volodimir Oispenko

Marie-Theres Härtel- Viola

Marie- Theres Härtel was Born 1983 into a Family of musicians and grew up in Zitoll by Deutschfeistritz. She is founding member of the band Netnakisum and completed her Studies of classical Viola with Gertrud Weinmeister in Vienna with distinction. As both performer and teacher, she is sought after internationally. Her musical journeys have brought her to China, the USA, Africa and through Europe. Härtel has worked o n numerous projects: at the Grazer Oper, in diverse orchestras, with the Freie Theatergruppe Göttingen, the WDR Big Band and many more. From 2011-2015 she lived in Berlin where she engaged deeply with contemporary dance and improvisation. Currently she is performing with: the Move String Quartett, the world best Duo Härtel Trübsbach and the Kusimanten.





photo by Julia Wesely